Indonesian Massage Training Course

Time: 3 days
Price: £350.00

Alison Smart is a spa consultant and specializes in training Asian treatments and therapies. She has been working in the industry for 20years and has spent the past eight years in Asia learning and experiencing Eastern philosophies. During her time in Indonesia and Thailand she has set-up and operated some of the leading spas in Asia. These included: Begawan Giri, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, and Banyan Tree. Now she is based in UK and is here to share her experiences by introducing some Eastern concepts towards massage and healing.
While the western world, views massage as a tool for muscular manipulation and relaxation, the eastern world views it as a medicinal tool for maintaining life forces.

Balinese massage is generally performed by channeling energy and working through intuition. There is however some fundamental techniques that contributes to the well being of a client.

These have been handed down through generations to balance the body and restore vitality. Compression massage will ease the tissues (release the wind often trapped in the body) before the energy lines are cleared and the circulation and lymphatic system is boosted. Half of the massage is done dry and then coconut oil and ginger is applied to work deep in to muscle tissue. The main energy lines and meridians are cleared.

This powerful massage will leave you uplifted and recharged and is an effective way to release stress.
Many massage techniques you feel that the therapist has just “lightly rubbed over the muscles” but in this technique by using your body weight and energy the client can really feel the difference………and you make a difference! The most important difference is that this will be a life force massage and not just a muscular treatment.

The course will begin at 10am and finish at 5pm with a one-hour lunch break.
A training manual will be provided as a written step-by-step guideline for each section of the body.

Day One: Front of the body
Day Two: Back of the body
Day Three: Complete the massage/ Practical test

Each morning we begin with enlightenment work using cards, may do meditation for beginners, discuss healing techniques and how to bring this in to a treatment. Further workshops with Reiki levels one and two are available upon request. It is advisable to wear loose clothing for the massage course but the most important part is that you feel comfortable.
*Professional and Retail Products for starter kits start at: 80.00 Pounds